Victorious (Season One)

1.01 Pilot

(March 27, 2010)
Directed by: Steve Hoefer | Written by: Dan Schneider

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Tori Vega gets the chance of a lifetime to attend Hollywood Arts, an elite performing arts school after taking her older sister Trina’s place in her school’s big showcase. Tori is roped into helping Trina and her project partner Andre Harris prepare for their performance for the showcase in a few days, including Trina singing a song Andre wrote for her. When Trina’s tongue becomes swollen and she cannot sing properly, Andre tells Tori to fill in for Trina, but she refuses. They force her on stage and, with the help of Andre, Tori receives a standing ovation from the crowd, and accepts the offer to join Hollywood Arts. On her first day, she meets Cat Valentine, a girl who seems to be living in her own head, Robbie Shapiro, an awkward, nerdy student who speaks through his dummy Rex Powers, handsome Beck Oliver, and his mean girlfriend Jade West. After accidentally spilling coffee on Beck and trying to wipe the stain off his shirt, Tori finds herself at the wrath of Jade, who thinks that Tori is flirting with Beck. Jade does an improv scene with Tori, having Tori portray a dog, but then takes iced coffee and spills it on top of Tori, causing her to leave the room in humiliation. After the altercation with Jade, Tori wonders if she is good enough for, or even belongs at Hollywood Arts. At the insistence of Trina and Andre, who tell her not to let a mean girl crush her confidence, Tori returns to class and subsequently gets revenge on Jade by besting her in an improv assignment and then by kissing Beck in front of her.

1.02 The Bird Scene

Directed by: Steve Hoefer | Written by: Dan Schneider

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Tori wants to try out for the lead role in a play called “Moonlight Magic”, which Andre is writing the music for. However, according to her teacher Mr. Sikowitz (Eric Lange), she must master a monologue known as “The Bird Scene” before she can be involved in any school production. Despite putting a lot of effort into it, she fails twice. As well as this, she must also think of a creative and meaningful way to decorate her locker, which is Hollywood Arts tradition, but all her efforts are unsuccessful as well. She again performs “The Bird Scene” and indignantly states that she is proud of her own work no matter what anyone thinks. She passes, as the secret of “The Bird Scene” is to be proud of one’s acting style. Inspired, Tori decorates her locker with the glowing words “Make It Shine”, as that was the song that she sang that got her into Hollywood Arts. Andre and Robbie sign up for ballet class as a way to meet girls, but arrive only to see an all-male class, They want to drop out, but they must continue the class unless they want to fail the semester. But then, a pretty girl joins the class, and the boys go crazy about her.

1.03 Stage Fighting

(April 25, 2010)
Directed by: Adam Weissman | Written by: Jake Farrow

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Tori walks in on a muscular guy named Russ apparently beating up Beck, so she jumps on Russ to stop him. However, she finds out they were only stage fighting. After a stage fight lesson, Sikowitz gives Jade as Tori’s fighting actress in a scene they are assigned to do. Tori is afraid to do it because of Jade and, during the skit, she ‘hits’ Jade with a cane. Jade’s eye begins to bleed and, following this, develops a black eye. Consequently, Tori is given a punishment of cleaning the theater after a food fight scene and two weeks of detention. However, after two boys pour a cup of ice in a girl’s tucked-in shirt she tries to get back at them by throwing a cup of water at them but the boys get out of the way so the water hits Jade. As she tries to run off and hide, Andre finds her and discovers that she used fake blood and makeup to fake her injury. After this, Jade begins to feel guilty, especially when learning that Tori refuses to tell the truth on her, and she helps Tori clean a little bit and ditch the security guard watching her to clean the hall.

1.05 Jade Dumps Beck

(May 2,2010)
Directed by: Steve Hoefer | Written by: Matt Fleckenstein

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Jade becomes jealous when Beck starts hanging out with Alyssa Vaughn, a famoussocialite, who may like him. She ends up breaking up with Beck when she feels that he is not taking her feelings of the situation seriously. After having second thoughts, she decides that she wants Beck back, only to get rejected by him, leading her to seek Tori’s help. Tori tries to convince Beck to make amends with Jade, only for him to bring up how Jade has never done anything nice for him during the time they have dated. When remembering Beck wants a Rottweiler, Jade and Tori bring one to his RV, only for the dog to attack his father who was sleeping inside. After his father is taken to the hospital, Beck takes Jade back anyway, admitting he still loves her. Meanwhile Robbie has to write a review of Trina’s one woman show for the school’s social networking site,, but does not know how to review it when she threatens him to write a good review despite it being horrible.

1.06 Tori the Zombie

(May 8,2010)
Directed by: Russ Reinsel | Written by: Dan Schneider

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Tori is to be in a play about a beautiful girl who is caught in alove trianglethat is to be reviewed by the famous writer who wrote it. Meanwhile, Cat starts stage make-up classes and cannot find anyone to put her make-up skills on, so Tori agrees to allow Cat to do so with her. Cat uses super-grizzly glue by accident, which is like industrial cement and to be kept away from skin, when putting a zombie-looking mask on her hours before the play is set to begin. Tori forces Cat and Trina to drive to the super-glue factory to get the remover. However, Trina and Cat arrive late and the play starts with Tori looking hideous, confusing the audience. During the end of the play, Trina and Cat arrive with the remover in time for Tori to do the finale of the play with her normal face and the writer gives the play a good review.

1.07 Robarazzi

(June 4,2010)
Directed by: Steve Hoefer | Written by: Arthur Gradstein

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Wanting to get more views on his blog on The Slap, Robbie begins filming the personal lives of his friends called “Robarazzi” although his posts end up about making fun of them. His blog becomes a hit, much to his friends’ dismay, causing them to become furious with him. After threatening to post a video of him in a towel after having his clothes stolen from the shower room unless he takes his blog down, he retools his blog on TheSlap, focusing on food recipes. Meanwhile, Cat becomes obsessed with purchasing odd things from a catalog from “Sky Store”. Her friends feel that she needs to slow down the purchasing.

1.08 Survival of the Hottest

(June 26,2010)
Directed by: Russ Reinsel | Written by: Dan Scheider

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When a heat wave hits Southern California, Tori, Cat, Trina, Andre, Robbie, Rex, Beck, and Jade decide to go to cool off at Venice Beach. Beck decides the best way to get there is to borrow his uncle’s pickup truck and tow the trailer that he lives in to the beach. But the gang, minus Cat who leaves to use the bathroom, become trapped in Beck’s Recreational vehicle (RV) when another huge RV is parked right next to theirs, blocking the only door. While they are trapped, Cat is busy partying with Ben (JC Gonzalez) and his group of three other boys who decide to frolic with Cat, the only girl who could possibly save the rest of them from sweating to death and completely oblivious to her friends’ predicament as they try to escape the RV.

1.09 Wi-Fi in the Sky

(August 27,2010)
Directed by: Steve Hoefer | Written by: Dan Schneider

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Tori and Trina’s flight home from New York City gets delayed, so Tori uses video chat via the plane’s Wi-Fi service to work on a group project for school with Andre, Cat, and Beck while she is on the plane. While attempting to get it done, the rest of the group keeps getting distracted. They accept unimportant video chats, the majority from Robbie. Cat gets distracted by the special effects of the video chat, Andre gets distracted by his deranged grandmother, and Beck becomes distracted by Jade when she wrongly suspects he is cheating on her with the cheerleader whose dog he is pet-sitting. They are all off chat at the end, leaving Tori to finish the assignment herself. Meanwhile, Trina runs into Perez Hilton in first class and steals his camera so she can “return it,” hoping it will make her famous.

1.10 Beck’s Big Break

(September 25,2010)
Directed by: David Kendall | Written by: Arthur Gradstein

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Beck has a small role in a movie starring Melinda Murray, a famous actress, and invites the gang to an open casting call as extras. Tori accidentally gets Beck fired when she stands up for him during filming, so she tries to get his spot in the movie back for him. Meanwhile, Robbie starts to have strange nightmares about Rex. He turns to Lane, the school guidance counselor, for help.

1.11 The Great Ping-Pong Scam

(October 1,2010)
Directed by: Steve Hoefer | Written by: Matt Fleckenstein

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Tori becomes suspicious when her friends start avoiding her. They tell her that they are members of the school’s ping-pong team, but Tori finds out that they are just using the team’s funds from the school to eat at a fancy restaurant, and she wants in. At the restaurant, Robbie orders a bowl of expensive caviar that he likes, causing them to have to pay a lot more money than they have. Tori decides to perform live to cover the expenses.

1.12 Cat’s New Boyfriend

(October 8,2010)
Directed by: Adam Weissman | Written by: Arthur Gradstein

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Cat starts going out with Tori’s ex-boyfriend from her old school, Daniel. Tori pretends to be okay with it, but ends up becoming very jealous. Her jealousy comes to a head when she fiddles with the cheese fountain, covering the couple in hot cheese, and later kisses Daniel, which Cat witnesses, putting her in a predicament. Meanwhile, Trina starts selling doctor fish treatment at her house and Andre, Beck, Jade and Robbie all accept, only for it to turn out the fish are diseased, making them all sick.

1.13 Freak the Freak Out

(November 26,2010)
Directed by: Steve Hoefer | Written by: Dan Schneider

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Tori’s parents head out for the weekend, leaving Tori to care for Trina who recently had her wisdom teeth pulled out, who proves to be a handful. Meanwhile, Jade and Cat perform in a karaoke club against two other girls, Hayley Ferguson and Tara Ganz. Despite having mediocre singing skills, the girls win because Hayley’s father is the owner of the club. After confronting the girls about this, the duo are banned from singing there again. Determined to get back at them, Jade tricks Andre, Robbie and Beck to stay and take care of Trina while taking Beck’s car keys to drive her, Tori and Cat to the club for a rematch. Jade and Cat offer a challenge Hayley and Tara get to pick someone from the audience to sing against them and if the person wins by a crowd vote then they have to babysit Trina, but if Hayley and Tara win then they can make out with Beck (offered by Cat, much to Jade’s dismay). They pick Tori (disguised as an ugly girl). Tori sings “Freak the Freak Out” and, meanwhile, removes her disguise. Tori wins over the crowd quickly, easily beating the girls. Meanwhile, Robbie and Sinjin are tricked by two Northridge girls who steal their things. In the end, Sikowitz sings a song and receives applause while Hayley and Tara are stuck trying to babysit Trina.

1.14 Rex Dies

(January 8,2011)
Directed by: Russ Reinsel | Written by: Jake Farrow

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Tori is in charge of creating a fake tornado in a play that Robbie is in by using a machine that blows and sucks. Andre shows Tori how it works, but she leaves the switch on suck. Tori watches Rex while Robbie goes to change because Rex laughs at him. Tori sets him down and plays with the machine, but does not notice the switch is still on suck while Robbie is changing. Tori accidentally sucks Rex in the machine, badly damaging him. The gang take him to a doctor and tell him to pretend Rex dies so Robbie can get over using a puppet in his daily life and move on. The doctor does it for one favor: Tori has to date the doctor’s loser son, Lendle, but Tori tricks Trina into doing it. While at the hospital for Rex, Cat is sent to the mental ward by the receptionist, who believe she may be mental, and the doctors become concerned for her and send for a specialist to diagnosis her.

1.15 The Diddly-Bops

(January 17,2011)
Directed by: Steve Hoefer | Written by: Matt Fleckenstein

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Tori and her friends are booked to perform at a little kid’s birthday party as a favor for Sikowitz’s friend. Also, Andre gets the chance of a lifetime when he gets a call from a record producer he met who says he is interested in signing him to a record deal. But his chances of getting signed are in jeopardy when a video of their birthday party performance is leaked on the internet. So, in order to get his big break, he rewrites the kids’ song into a love song and performs it with Tori live for the school.

1.15 Wok Star

(January 17,2011)
Directed by: Adam Weissman | Written by: Jake Farrow

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Jade writes her own play called “Well Wishes,” but the school will not let her perform it at school due to its content. Tori helps Jade produce it themselves with the help of Mrs. Lee, the owner of Tori’s favorite Chinese restaurant Wok Star, who volunteers to pay to produce Jade’s play. But things get complicated when Mrs. Lee makes drastic changes to the script, and wants to put her daughter, Daisy, in the play. After finding out that Jade’s father will be at the showing, Tori tries to find a way to work things out for her.

1.16 The Wood

(February 5,2011)
Directed by: David Kendall | Written by: Dan Schneider

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Tori, Andre, Beck and Jade are excited to hear that they will be the stars of a new reality show called “The Wood” being filmed at Hollywood Arts. After the producers decide to edit together two separate phone calls making it look like Tori and Beck are dating behind Jade’s back, they find out that the producers just want drama even if it is fake. So the group decide to stage the drama for the show. Meanwhile, Robbie and Trina have to work the Grub Truck after injuring Festus, but running it is harder than they first expected.

1.18 A Film by Dale Squires

(March 5,2011)
Directed by: Adam Weissman | Written by: George Doty IV

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The group is excited to find out that they get to work on a film being directed by Dale Squires. But he turns out to be lazy during the project, leaving them to do all the work. After he takes all the credit for the film, they plot revenge, only to discover that Squires regrets getting all the credit. Meanwhile, Beck and Robbie work on Robbie’s new convertible, and Robbie tries to get the attention of girls that come to watch Beck fix the car.

1.19 Sleepover at Sikowitz’s

(March 26,2011)
Directed by: Russ Reinsel | Written by: George Doty IV

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Sikowitz invites Tori and her friends over to his house to teach them a lesson onmethod acting; however if one of them breaks character, they will be banished from Sikowitz’s house. Meanwhile, Mr and Mrs Vega (Tori and Trina’s parents) try to celebrate their anniversary alone in their house. But Robbie is first to be banished from Sikowitz’s, so he takes a trip over to the Vega house and disturbs their romantic evening. Robbie also invites Cat, Sikowitz’s nephew, Andre and Jade round to watch the movie with him when they eventually break character. In the end, after an extremely close match between Tori and Beck well into the night, Tori becomes the winner the next morning as she does not break character.