Character: Tajid

Directed by: Robert Iscove

Written by: Jim Kreig

Cast Members: Nolan Gerard Funk, Tammin Sursok, Victoria Justice, Simon Curtis, Matthew Bennett, Greg Germann, Andrea Lewis, Shannon Chan-Kent, Joel Ballard

Released date: February 16, 2009

Genre: Comedy, Family, Musical

High school student and wannabe rock star Nikko has a lot of talent. The problem is: he knows it. Nikko's band has had enough of his inconsiderate behaviour, though, and his vocal flair won't be enough to carry him this time. Not only does he get kicked out of his own band, Nikko also gets dumped by his girlfriend. No worries, though, Nikko figures he'll just record an awesome demo and sing his way to the top without them.

Script developed by Never Enough Design