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Ghost Wars

Character: Roman Mercer

Created by: Simon Barry

Directed by: Simon Barry, Mathias Herndl, Leslie Hope, Kristin Lehman, Michael Nankin, Jason Priestley, David Von Ancken

Written by: Gemma Holdway, Karen Lam, Damon Vignale, Sonja Bennett, Dennis Heaton, Rachel Langer, Haider I. Mohsin

Produced by: Petros Danabassis, Zack Tucker Gangnes

Cast Members: Kim Coates, Luvia Petersen, Jesse Moss, Sonja Bennett, Sarah Giles

Released date: October 5, 2017

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Horror

Duration: 1h

When an earthquake unleashes dangerous paranormal forces, the beliefs and biases of humankind face a reckoning. Roman Mercer, a troubled medium and local pariah, must fight figurative and literal demons to stop a mass haunting in his remote Alaskan town of Port Moore. The prejudiced townsfolk stand in his way, unable or unwilling to see the threat -- at least, until the unexplainable and horrific incidents become too dire to overlook. Mercer's psychic abilities may prove to be the people's only salvation.

Script developed by Never Enough Design