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Avan on Twisted: “Danny Starts To Lose It”

OK!: What’s coming up on Twisted?
Avan Jogia: The first two episodes are pretty intense. Someone who has been out of Danny’s life for a little bit comes back into it and his father might make an appearance. And then some big thing kind of happens at the end of the first episode that sets up the whole rest of the show. It’s hugely different from the first cycle. It changes everything. It’s almost like another pilot…almost.

OK!: Do we get any answers to questions the audience has about Danny?
AJ: Yeah, but when you answer one question there’s a thousand other questions that come up. Danny starts to lose it a little bit, actually, which has been fun for me to play. The weight of the events of the first two episodes are more and more on his shoulders. It’s fun.

OK!: If you could bring any of your old Victorious costars onto Twisted, who would you cast?
AJ: I think Matt Bennett would be hilarious. Him doing any serious moment would be amazing.


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Avan Jogia at the 25 Days Of Christmas Winter Wonderland Event

Appearances & Events > 2013 > Dec 8: 25 Days Of Christmas Winter Wonderland Event

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Avan at the John Varvatos Celebrates New Book “John Varvatos: Rock In Fashion” Event

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Appearances & Events > 2013 > Nov 6: John Varvatos Celebrates New Book “John Varvatos: Rock In Fashion”

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